" King Fam Freight, where we make sure everything is STRAIGHT! "   

About Our Company

 King Fam Freight, where we make sure everything is STRAIGHT! 

King Fam Freight is here to lighten your load and ease the manageability of your supply chain. Our company is committed to providing reliable and punctual service. King Fam Freight assures on-time shipments and date-sensitive deliveries. King Fam Freight is transparent and trustworthy with our clientele, partners, and customers. We do better when you do better, so we are dedicated to providing top-tier service. We have a great team of logistical experts devoted to assisting you with all your freight needs from Full Truckload, Less Than Full Truckload, Dispatch Services, Rail Intermodal, Expedited Services, and International Shipping. King Fam Freight is ready and equipped to serve you.    


    Our Services

Have a large load? The Full Truckload is the service you need. The entire truck is yours to take advantage of. With specialty trucks from Truckload Dry Van, Reefer Freight, and Flatbed, you get the exact amount of space you need. Our trusted carriers have been prescreened and reviewed for dependability and trust. Communication is key so we use the industry-standard Macropoint tracking system. This system issues real-time alerts, status updates, minimizes supply chain risks, and so much more to simplify your workflow. Our deliveries are never interrupted by stops and transfers between trucks, so our delivery times are faster and more efficient. 

Less Than Truckload allows you to pay for the space you use and is available with all of our trucks. Your items will be packaged and shipped alongside items from our other customers. Your shipment may be smaller, but King Fam Freight will treat your items with the same standards as larger shipments. Our carriers use a ‘load to ride’ method resulting in fewer dock workers handling your shipments. This in turn reduces the chance of damage and mishandling while your shipments are in transit. 

Rail intermodal is a transportation method of moving freight by railroad and truck. This option is the most budget-friendly option with savings of up to 28%. It is more fuel-efficient than long-haul trucking. This option is ideal for shippers desiring to save costs while lowering their carbon footprints. By using intermodal transportation, customers are only charged about half the fuel surcharge as compared to the charge for a truckload shipment. Customers can benefit from the flexibility the trucks provide but also from the competitive rate intermodal transport offers. Advanced signaling systems and track capacity allow for faster, more frequent intermodal transport. In 2021, rail intermodal volume was over 14 million units, proving that this option for transport is highly favored across the transportation industry.   

Expedited shipping allows us to make sure your goods arrive faster than regular transit times. Expedited shipping is an upgraded service that gives you greater flexibility and can be tailored to your load needs. King Fam Freight offers a variety of shipping options from overnight, express, and 2-day expedited shipping. Trucks carrying expedited goods rarely stop along the way, shortening transit times and delays. Our 24-hour tracking system offers you the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your package is at any given time. We handle the logistics from start to finish, providing trusted service.    

King Fam Freight offers international shipping of goods between different countries by road, air, or sea. It can be challenging and complex to arrange international shipping. King Fam Freight specializes in moving products between locations. Our real-time tracking and transparency with shipments will save you time and money. This will in turn improve overall warehouse efficiencies and supply chain issues. Be sure to ask your Freight Broker for details on exact locations.   

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We will coordinate and oversee the scheduling of drivers to ensure your goods and products are picked up and delivered quickly. We keep constant contact with truck drivers throughout their routes to monitor their progress and troubleshoot any problems that may arise along their route. King Fam Freight dispatchers ensure the truck trailers are filled by merging freight orders, to make the trip as cost-efficient as possible. We also make sure drivers are certified and have the appropriate licensing to meet specialized freight load transportation requirements.     

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